There is a possible hacking attempt on the website of Eximcan and fake e-mails are circulating. Please do not entertain any requests for bank account information and do not transfer funds to any new account unless we verify details over the phone. We are taking action on an urgent basis and hope to resolve the issue soon.

Please note our original domain is eximcan.com and do not reply to any other e-mail IDs such as 1) exirncan.com or 2) eximcan-global.com.

Welcome to Eximcan Canada.
Eximcan Canada is an international Food, Fiberglass, Chemical and Pharmaceutical company successfully providing Distribution, Import/Export, Trading services and Warehousing facilities since 1992.
We are located in the financial district of Toronto, Canada with branch offices in India.
Our Mission is to develop long- term business relations with our customers based on trust and professional business ethics.
We pride our self in providing excellent quality products at lowest best possible price.
Our Products
Excellent Services
Lowest best Possible Prices
Best Quality Products
Immediate Shipment
Strong Global Partnerships
Market Expertise
Food Products
Fiber Glass
Canadian Special Crops Association (CSCA) Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) Pulse Canada Export Development Canada (EDC) Canadian Food Exporters Association Food Beverage Canada (FBC) Sugar Club CICIL IPTIC
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   Export-Import Trade Centre of Canada and U.S.A. Limited DBA Eximcan Canada