The ECT-glass SMC roving supplied by Eximcan Canada is varied for Class A, structure and boiling resistance type. lt’s of quick wet out and wet through, compatible with unsaturated polyester(UP), vinylester(VE), they are widely utilized in manufacturing spare parts and body of automobile, electronics, shell of instruments, wall panel of construction profile and water tank panel etc.



Identification of product code

ECT   55 2400

ECT-glass roving
Sizing code
Roving density


  1. Silane coupling agent; bring composite high mechanical strength and boiling resistance;
  2. Adopting special designed sizing, low static,rare fuzz and fly fiber, good choppability, less consumption of cutter blade and rubber roller;
  3. Excellent dispersion, fiber spreads even and no bulk or pile accumulated;
  4. Excellent wet out and wet through, low loft in SMC sheet.

Product characteristics:

Product Code Tex Tex per strand (Tex) Diameter (µm) LOI(%) Solubility in Aceton RESIN Application
ECT 55 2400, 4800 75 14 1.15 high UP, VE Structure
ECT 55M 2400, 4800 75 14 1.25 medium UP, VE Structure
ECT 56CB 2400, 4800 68 13 1.10 high UP, VE Anti-boiling
ECT 57 2400, 4800 75 13.7 1.60 medium UP, VE Structure and Class A
ECT 55MC 2400, 4800 75 13.7 1.30 medium UP, VE Structure
ECT 59B 2400, 4800 100 13.7 1.90 Low UP, VE Class A
ECT 58C 2400, 4800 75 13.7 1.9 high UP, VE Structure