Dehydrated White Onion Kibbled

They can use at any time.  Because of dehydration, it is possible to keep various forms of onion for a long time and for future use. There is the various form of dehydrated onion: dehydrated onion chopped, flakes, kibbled, powder, granules and minced onion. Dehydrated White Onion Kibbled are mostly used in the preparation of diverse food items such as fast food, snack foods, pickled products, meat products, sea food products, canned foods, salad dressing, dips, bottle packs, seasoning, bakery topping, gourmet sauces, seasoning and in many others.



Certifications: Phytosanitary Certificate

Labeling: Eximcan can provide a private label, special marking on many products.

Sample Product Specifications

Eximcan can supply the product as per specification, conditionally domestic crop, weather, and another condition permit.  Use “Inquire now” tool on this page to submit your particular requirements.