Cinnamic Alcohol

Cinnamyl Alcohol has odour of hyacinth. It is used in cosmetics and personal care products in the formulation of bath products, body and hand products, perfumes, and tonics and other hair grooming aids.



HS Code: 2906

C.A.S number: ‎104-54-1

Haz class:  H302, H315,H317,H319

Technical Specifications

Appearance Colorless to slight pale yellow clear liquid (white to yellowish crystalline solid)
Purity (%)
98% min.
Cinnamaldehyde content
Melting point
30°C to 34°C @ 760 mm Hg
Boiling point
250°C to 258°C @ 760 mm Hg
Flash point
Specific gravity
1.0480 – 1.0510 @ 25°C
371 Hrs at 100%
Vapour pressure
0.01200 mm/Hg @ 25°C
Solubility in alcohol
1gm soluble in 1ml 70% alcohol
Solubility in water
1625 mg/L @ 25°C
Acid Value
1 max. mgKOH/gm
Log P (o/w)