Untoasted defatted soya flour

Untoasted Defatted Soya Flour is enzyme active soya flour. It has higher energy value in comparison to other protein sources. It is manufactured by using only highest quality soybean seed as starting material. It is used for protein fortification in food & pharmaceutical preparations, texturized soya products, soya protein isolates & concentrates, weaning foods, bakery preparations like cookies, crackers, pasta products, soups, sauces, gravies, calf milk replacement, drink mixes, meat sausages and fermentation media & nutrient carrier for flavors and vitamin-C. Also used for enzymatic bleaching activity in bread systems, bakery & cereal application.



Certifications: Phytosanitary Certificate

Labeling: Eximcan can provide a private label, special marking on many products.

Sample Product Specifications

Eximcan can supply the product as per specification, conditionally domestic crop, weather, and another condition permit.  Use “Inquire now” tool on this page to submit your particular requirements.