Caustic Soda Flakes & Pearls

Caustic soda also known as lye and sodium hydroxide is a versatile alkali. It is one of the most widely used chemicals in the industry. The product is widely used in the manufacture of pulp and paper, alumina, soap and detergents, petroleum products and chemical production. Other applications include water treatment, food  preparation, textiles, metal processing, mining, glass making, and others



HS Code: 2815

C.A.S number: 1310-73-2

Haz class:  

  • Met. Corr. 1 H290
  • Skin Corr. 1A H314
  • Eye Dam. 1 H318
  • Aquatic Acute 3 H402

U N number:  UN1823

Technical Specifications

98.5% Min
Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3):
0.8% Max
Sodium Chloride (NaCl) :
0.1% Max
Iron (Fe):
50ppm Max