Spray up and Panel roving is made of ECT glass multi-end fiber. Mainly utilized in spray up process, centrifugal casting pipe, continuous filament winding pipe and panel manufacturing. They are compatible with unsaturated polyester(UP), vinylester(VE). Widely applied to manufacturing boat, bathtub, storage tank, combined fabric, centrifugal casting pipe, filament winding pipe and panel etc.


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Identification of product code

ECT   10K 2400

ECT-glass roving
Sizing code
Roving density tex


  1. Silane coupling agent;
  2. Adopting special designed sizing, low static, fuzz and fly fiber;
  3. Excellent choppability, dispersion and lay down properties;
  4. Good wet out and wet through, de-air easily;

Product characteristics:

Product Code Tex Tex per strand (Tex) Diameter (µm) LOI(%) Resin Application
ECT 10k 2400, 3100 ,4800 54 13 1.15 UP, VE Spray up / Chop for pipe
ECT 10VC 2400, 3100 67 .5 13 1.15 UP, VE Spray up
ECT 107C 2400, 4800 34 12 1.35 UP, VE Chop for pipe
ECT 91A 2400, 4800 29 13 0.80 UP PANEL
ECT 91A1 2400 34 13 0.55 UP PANEL