MULTI-AXIAL FIBERGLASS FABRICS Include Unidirectional Fabrics (0° or 90°), Biaxial Fabrics (0°, 90°), (±45°), Triaxial Fabrics (0°, ±45°), (90°, ±45°), and Quadraxial Fabrics (0°, 90°, ±45°). The entire or partial warp (0°), weft (90°) and double bias (±45°) plies are stitched into a single fabric. Without filament crimp in woven roving, Eximcan multi-axial fabrics are in advantage of high strength, excellent stiffness, low weight and thickness, as well as the improved fabric surface quality.
Eximcan can add chopped strand mat or tissue on the surface or in the middle of multi-axial fabrics, competent to fulfill customer’s special requirements.


Product Code:

EKT 900 (0°, +45°, -45°)/T50E-1260

E: E-glass  Areal weight / layer(g/m2): 900

K: Knitting  Fabric construction 0°, +45°, 90°, -45°

U: Unidirectional  Chopped strand 300, 225

B: Biaxial  Tissue: 50

T: Triaxial  E: Epoxy

Q: Quadraxial  width (mm): 1260


Ply Sequence: