ECR-10K spray up roving is made of standard ECR-glass multi-end fiberglass. It’s designed for use in polyester and vinyl ester resins spray up system, for producing consumer products, corrosion and construction applications. It’s also used for filament winding process to make pipes and tanks .


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Identification of product code

ECR   10K 2400

ECR-glass roving
Sizing code
Roving density tex


Outstanding process properties

  1. Adopting high performance sizing, very low static,fuzz and fiber fly.
  2. Excellent chopability, uniform glass dispersion and lay down properties.
  3. Ease of rollout and air release, excellent mold conformance.
  4. Outstanding roving pay-out and package transfer.
  5. Rapid wet-through, fast and complete wet-out.

High laminate properties:

  1. High laminate mechanical properties and wet strength retention.
  2. For general polyester and vinyl ester resins , exhibit mechanical properties equal or better than E-glass roving .
  3. Strong bonding between the glass fibers and the resin matrix due to the special designed sizing , the finished laminate has high wet strength retention because the laminate has high level resistance to hydrolytic attack.

Corrosion Resistance:

  1. The final product used ECR-1OK has superior acid and strain corrosion resistance than E-glass.
  2. ECR-1OK is the preferred choice over E-glass for sewer GRP pipe and chemical resistance applications.
  3. The long-term strength retention or ECR-1OK is significantly higher.

Product characteristics:

Property Description
Type of glass ECR-glass
Binder Type Silane
Roving Tex 2400 3100
LOI 1.15%
Static None
Stand integrity High
Strand Breakup High
Ribbonization High