Direct roving is single end of TM glass continuous fiber. Utilized in filament winding and pultrusion, fabrics weaving and woven roving manufacturing. They are compatible with unsaturated polyester(UP), vinylester(VE), Epoxy(EP).



Identification of product code

TM   469L 2400

TM-glass roving
Sizing code
Roving density tex


  1. Silane coupling agent;
  2. Adopting special designed sizing , rapid wet out, No catenary,even tension;
  3. Good abrasion resistance, low fuzz during manufacturing process ;
  4. Bring high mechanical strength to composites.

Product characteristics:

Product Code Tex Diameter (um) Resin Application
TM 469L 200-4800 11-24 UP, VE, EP FW/Weaving
TM 469P 200-4800 11-24 VE/PE Pultrusion
TM 468 200-4800 11-24 EP Prepreg
TM 468A 200-4800 11-24 EP FW, Pul, Weaving
TM 468G 200-4800 11-24 EP Weaving
TM 469KW 900/1200/2400 16-22 UP, VE, EP Weaving
TM 468T 1200 16 EP FW

Typical Mechanical Properties:

ASTM 2343 Tensile Strength (Mpa) Tensile Modulus (Gpa)
Amino/Epoxy 828 2600-2900 88-92
Stands winding panel 0 degree Tensile
Infusion epoxy systems
(70% glass content)
Strength (Mpa)
1100- 1300
Modulus (Gpa)